The Alliance4ECEI is hosting an online session as part of the European Sustainable Energy Week extended programme

  • The session will be hosted online on October 11 at 10:30 (CET). 
  • The Alliance4ECEI is a collaborative initiative created by five European-funded projects working on waste heat recovery and industrial energy cooperation: EMB3Rs, INCUBIS, R-ACES, SoWHat and S-PARCS. 

Brussels (Belgium), October 5, 2021. The Alliance for Energy Cooperation in European Industries (Alliance4ECEI) will hold the online session Unlocking Energy Cooperation in European Industries: main tools and challenges as part of the activities of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)’s extended programme on October 11, from 10:30 to 12:00.  

The session is jointly organized by the five founding members of the Alliance4ECEI: EMB3Rs, INCUBIS, R-ACES, SoWHat and S-PARCS, with the aim to raise awareness on the opportunities of energy cooperation from the industrial perspective, encouraging a collaboration among the different stakeholders and highlighting both the mutual benefits and how they can overcome specific barriers thanks to combined action plans. 

The projects will present their accumulated experience and discuss the barriers encountered to energy cooperation and possible pathways to overcome them, with a specific focus on the tools and concepts they are developing, as well as on real-life examples and best practices across Europe.  

Free registrations are available on LinkedIn on this link  

Boosting energy cooperation at EU level 

Energy represents up to 20 % of the total production costs for energy intensive industries in Europe, and even more for some industrial sectors. ​ Despite considerable technical progresses in reducing energy consumption, a significant amount of the input energy is still lost in the form of excess heat.​ The potential for energy cooperation and waste heat recovery is huge, it can lead to substantial primary energy savings, decarbonisation of the energy supply and subsequent reduction of CO2 emissions, and it is largely untapped.​ 

It is against this background that the five projects forming the Alliance4ECEI were funded, and that they decided to join forces in March 2021 in their aim to maximise their impact. Since then, the Alliace4ECEI has already organized a workshop to present the results of S-PARCS, one of the founding projects which concluded in June 2021. Moreover, it hosted a session at Sustainable Places in Rome, Italy, and it has carried out several communication activities, such as the launch of its own website.  

Any EU-funded project, non-profit organization or association/organization based in Europe and working towards the decarbonization of the industrial sector, for example, through the recovery and use of excess thermal energy, or the integration of renewables in industrial processes, can apply to become a member of the Alliace4ECEI.  


  1. Emil Lezak – IZNAB Sp. z o.o.” on behalf of INCUBIS / Moderator
  2. Max Brouwer – ISPT on behalf of R-ACES
  3. Nick Purshouse – IESVE on behalf of SoWHAT
  4. Zenaida Mourão – INEGI on behalf of EMB3Rs
  5. Andrea Kollmann – Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz on behalf of S-PARCS

 ​About the projects forming the Alliance4ECEI 

EMB3Rs: User-driven Energy-Matching & Business Prospection Tool for Industrial Excess Heat / Cold Reduction, Recovery and Redistribution has been funded under Grant Agreement N° 847121. 

INCUBIS: An Energy Symbiosis Incubator for Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Industrial Parks and Districts has been funded under Grant Agreement Nº 894800.  

R-ACES: fRamework for Actual Cooperation on Energy on Sites and Parks has been funded under Grant Agreement Nº 892429. 

SoWHat: Supporting new Opportunities for Waste Heat And cold valorisation Towards EU Decarbonization has been funded under Grant Agreement Nº 847097. 

S-PARCS: Envisioning and Testing New Models of Sustainable Energy Cooperation and Services in Industrial Parks has been funded under Grant Agreement Nº 785134.