Project WeDistrict is new collaborator in the Alliance4ECEI

The Alliance for Energy Cooperation in European Industries (Alliance4ECEI) is happy to announce that the WeDistrict project has joined us as a collaborator.

WeDistrict (Smart and local reneWable Energy DISTRICT heating and cooling solutions for sustainable living) objective is to demonstrate District Heating and Cooling as an integrated solution that combines renewable energy systems, thermal storage and waste heat recycling technologies to satisfy the heating and cooling energy demand.


The focus of WEDISTRICT is largescale replication of best practice: better valorisation of local resources, like renewable. In parallel, systems will evolve to provide even more flexible solutions by the integration of innovative molten-salts based thermal storage, the interaction with other energy networks (electricity and gas) and the involvement of end-users (operators and consumers) through ICT-based control and decision making.


Particularly interesting for the Alliance4ECEI, the waste heat recovery at data centres through the integration of fuel cells. These fuel cells can raise the temperature of waste heat. As part of the process, the fuel cells will generate electricity, which will be used to power the data centre while the excess heat will be supplied to the local district heating and cooling grid.


We welcome our new project WeDistrict as collaborator within Alliance4ECEI and look forward to our future cooperation and joint actions!

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